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To share the most effective and advanced personal development and spiritual fitness tools from the ancestral tradition of Kundalini Yoga.To allow you to experience more peace, tranquility, joy, poise and grace to navigate the chaotic energies of TRANSITION.

If you are here today, reading these lines, it is probably because you are going through a moment of transition, a separation, an aha moment, a major shift in your life, an awakening or simply a desire to move on to another version of you, to access more ease, abundance and joy, to increase your inner stability in order to accommodate external turmoil (whether in the family, marital, professional or societal context) or to regain physical form and circulate the energy in your body.

That humanity can be a more peaceful place inside & outside :
- more relaxed parenting
- less medical cases
- more loving couples and families

- more warmth in our hearts

- integrating human permaculture into our lives


HOW ? 

Our main tool is Collective Coaching & Kundalini yoga.

  • It's a hormonal yoga

  • A branch of transpersonal therapy

  • A form of spiritual fitness 


30min free session

Meet with Sarbani,
Business & Life Coach, Kundalini Yoga teacher & Astrologer for an individual assessment session.

We define your needs and identify the best option to reach your goals today.

Tailored designed Programs


Weekly Sessions

We have 4 sessions x a week
ZOOM & Brussels

Wednesday 9pm
(Pranayama & Meditation)
Friday 9am
Kundalini Dance

Saturday 8am
Kundalini Yoga

Sunday 9am
Kundalini Yoga

21/40 days

To overcome a bad habit or learn a new one, it is important to practice everyday. Our collective online groups are designed to help you make it through the challenge.

Get out stronger on the other side. Outcreate your reality.

Become the higher version of your current self.

Karma Booster

Special program for participants that have a precise goal they need to reach in a short period of time. 

Get the benefits of collective intelligence and individual coaching. Weekly practice, 21/40 days challenge included as well as 3 individual sessions

Kundalini Yoga Class

Savitri Life Academy

experience deep transformation

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