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This Program is a total reboot of the system.

Cleansing and uplifting, it has helped hundreds of people to find their way back home.
The practice usually includes a physical workout and a meditation.

"This is the ultimate Spiritual Fitness Workout.

It is the fastest way to clean up distortions in your perception, get more clarity on any decision you need to make,  improve your physical stamina, stabilise your moods, feel energised and connected to a higher version of you, feel grounded and protected."

  How it works  

  • In the week days, you join the group (in the morning before work) for the 30 min workout

You can also practice on your own at another moment

 - but it is really advised to join the group as this helps strengthen your motivation.


  • During the weekends, we meet a bit later : at 8am and 9am and we practice a bit longer (1h)


  • On Sundays, we discuss, share our experiences and prepare weekly goals.


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take the first steps towards the new you

Some of our mains Tools



getting to know your body and toning it through specific movements, during a longer period. You will transform the shape of you.


practice daily techniques that will help you focus and get more clarity on your life and projects. you will learn to empty the trash of your mind.

Sound Therapy

music is the back bone of the Program, keeping you in a continuous trance, you will be called to come back to the mat.

Personal Hygiene

you'll get a set of guidelines for enhanced physical performance. Integrate new habits.
Tips, best practices on food, hydrotherapy, 

& sleep performances


daily observance of your progression : body mind and soul will help you fully step into mindfulness, allow to bring up emotional catharsis, get a greater sense of confidence & self-identity.


you will receive regular food for thought, mindful texts and spiritual theory. This will help you reflect on your day, on your life, access consciousness & deeper meaning

Don't think too much, just get started

take the first steps towards the new you

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