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6 steps Program

Looking for a way to improve your overall well-being? Look no further than the 6 steps programs that take a comprehensive approach to address all aspects of your life, including healthy routines and food choices. Join us to start your journey towards personal growth and success.

Program description

why join this program ?

Join this program of the Savitri Life Academy today and take the first steps toward a life of fulfilment. Our online coaching programs are tailored to your specific needs and goals, so you can achieve success in the areas that matter most to you.

Sign up now and experience the transformative power of our coaching program.


"Thank you Savitri for your wonderful 6 weeks program ! 

The program is really complete and had a positive impact on my daily life, on my mindset, my physical condition and my health. It has been an amazing experience and a first discovery of Kundalini Yoga for me. I still can't believe this program brought me so far ahead. It's a big step for me. I already recommended it !" 

Tatiana - March 2023

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