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6 weeks to transformation

This is a one-to-one Coaching Program. 
See it like the annual check up you would do for your car. It's a reboot of the system. Cleansing and uplifting, it has helped hundreds of people to upgrade their navigation system and find their way back home.


We address the main themes of your natal chart :

- communication

- belongings, work

- healthy & routines 

- relationships,

- spirituality

- creativity & sexuality

- addictions & distorsions

what is included in this Program ?


6 coaching sessions


Astrology birth chart reading


Solar revolution reading


2 x 21 days Challenge


Support group for the 21 days Challenge


weekly assignments (exercises, readings, videos)

How does it work ?

this program is the result of years of personal research on my self and personal development thanks to these 3 main tools.


Archetypal Astrology™  

To dive into the crucial topics of your chart

what are your challenges today ?

where do you need more light(ness) ?

what are the next steps ?

Video Consultation

Access Consciousness™ 

To hack your brain

liberate yourself from unnecessary thoughts,

become an expert in time management & life organisation.

A-typical brains welcome

(Gifted, ADD, Hyper)


Kundalini YOGA™ 

The most evolved version of mental and physical fitness available today.  


A combination of core strengthening,

immunity boosting with breathwork

and dynamic meditation.


"Thank you Savitri for your wonderful 6 weeks program !

The program is really complete and had a positive impact on my daily life, on my mindset, my physical condition and my health. It has been an amazing experience and a first discovery of Kundalini Yoga for me. I still cann't believe this program brought me so far ahead. It's a big step for me. I already recommended it !"

Tatiana - March 2023

... are you ready ?

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