Savitri Prakash Kaur (the Lioness holding the Light incessantly) aka Sarbani from her birth name, was born to an Indian (Bengali) German family. A Sociologist and an Astrologer, she is a mom of 3 (adolescents today) and lives in Belgium.

Hindu childhood

She grew up a hindu. Ayurveda, astrology, mantra chanting, massage and tantric philosophy were normal within her family since childhood, as the Teacher and Family friend Harish Johari came to give his workshops in her house twice a year. 

curious child, she was attracted to spirituality and ritualism, be it in her native Hinduism, Christianity (going to church before class) or later in buddhism. 

Sociology of Education
At the age of 12, she started to travel to study education systems in other countries (visited schools in The Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany) she felt something was wrong with the Belgian system. 
She later wrote her Sociology thesis on "The Introduction of Yoga, Meditation, Kinesiology, Sophrology and Yoga in schools, the case of Belgium" (Institute of Education, London, 1995) and her MA thesis in Anthropology on "The Relevance of a Yoga Centre in contemporary India, Allahabad." (E.H.E.S.S, Paris, 1996).

When her father passed in 2012, she came back to her roots. First she studied Business & Life Coaching (with Max Meulemans from Coaching Ways), Psychoanalytic Astrology (with Laurent Calembert, later Raquel Spring), Access Consciousness Bars™ Foundation & Level 1 with Kalpana Raghuraman, Reconnection™ (Eric Pearl), Aromatherapy (Pranarôm) and Reiki I & II (in Varkala, India).
Kundalini Yoga
Her formal Yoga initiation started with Swami Bhimolanandaji (Allahabad, India) in 1995, as she was staying close to him to interview him for her MA thesis.  During the next years she practiced intuitive yoga, Bikram and other methods. In 2019, she joinded her first Kundalini Retreat, it was like a call, a coming home. She immediately started her teacher training at RaMa Institute, NYC with Guru Jagat, then with Huguette Amrit at the Atlantis Center. 

An author (she writes for Together Magazine, and is now writing an essay on "Love, Sex and relationships in the Age of Aquarius") she is also the Founder of the Jade's Boudoir (Energetic Healing & Training Centre in Brussels), the Dav Mahal (a retreat Centre in Morocco, Essaouira) and Savitri Yoga.