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Astrology Session

 "Astrology is the study of cycles : areas of opportunity, luck, and expansion, and areas of your chart with constriction, challenge or delay.
How things play out is going to be up to you."
(Alice Ann Bailey)

Birth Chart

Colorful Diamond
  • snapshot of the stars at exact day, time, and place you were born

  • indicates your character traits, behavioral tendencies, hidden desires

  • hints you on directions your life might take

Solar Return

  • potent moment in time when you're infused with all of the potential of your birth chart

  • only active for one year

  • emphasis on the house placements of planets and their aspects.


  • compares astrological charts of 

  • strengths and weaknessesdetermines

  • helps understand partner and evaluate compatibility



"Sarbani offers a complete clear and benevolent analysis which highlights our strengths and "weaknesses". It feels good to see more clearly in our constellation, confirm certain paths taken or give a new direction.

The ability to do the consultation in different languages was a big plus for me."

"A vivid, bright and exhaustive voyage through this year’s astrological journey. Sarbani provides clear dynamic insights on how to best seize available archetypical ressources for threading joyfully and consciously. A must do."

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