Astrology is how the constellations are affecting, from the heavens, our existence on the earth and what we should do to rise above it.

The zodiac sign is always symbolic to a person. It means that this is your base. This is what you have been granted in relation to the animal nature. From this comparison of the animal nature, you are supposed to grow into a human being with a caliber that is very noble and graceful. Zodiac sign symbols were made for man.

Astrology is a very refined tool of perception - it is a rich and fine reading grid that allows us to understand our personal mythology: our relationship to others, to work, to effort, love, sport and other information can also be drawn from it.

Each theme is a combination of planets, falling into a certain sign and a certain house, resulting in a combination of possibilities to play out its life scenario.


This personal arrangement also reveals Challenges and Opportunities, as well as our compulsive behaviours and repetitive patterns.


Astrology is used for life strategy purposes: how will I steer myself knowing who I am and how I function?

To receive the complete birth record,

you must know the exact contact details (within 1-2 hours) of the consultant: date, time and place of birth

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.



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