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Kundalini Dance Flow

Kundalini Dance Flow combines the



DANCE is the flow of Life, it opens all our chakras, activates them and allows us to reconnect with the Tantra of Life, refining our perceptions



music from different cultures, activating different chakras : from tribal African to hip hop (1st Chakra), to sexy RnB moves (2-3 chakra) then into the Tribal Fusion (connecting lower Triangle chakras to upper Triangle chakras),, then finally the refined Indian dance movements and trance bliss (higher chakras)



At the end of the Session we always have amount of active meditations with Pranayama exercises (breath work)

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5 reasons to join  a Kundalini Dance Workshop


You are stressed, but you don’t have the time or energy to join a traditional yoga studio.

You lack energy and drive

 You wish for more clarity of mind 

You lack a deeper meaning to your life

You want to recover control over your own body & quit bad habits

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3 hours to activate our Kundalini (Life Force) energy !


1. we will start the Morning with a Dance activation, a voyage in different cultures and styles : from African tribal to hip hop, to Tribal fusion and Indian dance. We usually end the dance part with a trance and a meditative dance.


- a short tea break will be proposed to recuperate -


2. then we will experience the power of a Kundalini Yoga Krya -a specific one according to the season and the needs of the day.


- We will have a relaxation to integrate the work done -


3. At last we will end with a Pranayama session and meditation session during which we will explore various ways to reach the meditative state.



This is an opportunity to reconnect to your body and soul, let stuck emotions emerge from the subconscious mind. Activate your vital energy.



* be there a few minutes before time to start at 10am

* bring a towel and a water container 

* there are yoga matts at the Venue



Sunday 28 May

Sunday 25 June


- This Program is NOT ADAPTED for people with high blood pressure. 

In purchasing this Program you decline any responsibility of Sarbani Sen for your health issues, prior or after the Program.

3h Kundalini Activation Workshop

a guided voyage into conscious living


Next Workshop date : 30/04/2023


An incredible journey guided with a lot of wisdom, I can share with you that thanks to the 40 days program of Kundalini Yoga with Savitri I stopped having food compensations and I stopped smoking. What amazed me was the simplicity of the proposals that are completely achievable on a daily basis, not only do I feel good about myself now, I even rediscovered the link with my homeland after 20 years. This practice has been of great power and accuracy for me, it is timely to continue to focus on my current and future projects. 

Sabrina, Italy

Most frequent results


More Joy


More Physical Stamina


More clarity of mind, improved decision making


More Peace of Mind 


Better Sex Life


More Grounding

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