For now, I only work with Women in Business, because Women stand at a unique place in history with their roles, identities, opportunities, and responsibilities changing and accelerating at light speed. Integrating this new model of strength and developing our own definitions of what it means to be a woman lays in the hands of this global generation. during these regular touch bases - during these 4 months - we will discover together, in a self-discovery process, what it means to be a real, genuine, powerful, beautiful, clear, compassionate and evolutionary 5D Woman.


In our busy lives, the demand for clarity, action, change and courage is ringing through the air in every aspect of our day. Through collective intelligence, but also nervous system strengthening yoga and visioning exercises, short meditations, we will get to the heart of who we are and the love we hold and radiate for ourself, our family, our community and the planet.

We will use self-psychology practices, yogic technology, and the power of  women in sacred council — we'll experience revelatory breakthroughs in our self-concept as a Woman.


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