Dive into our spiritual fitness programms.

In 21 days you learn a new habit -

In 40 days you integrate a new habit -

If you choose 21 days you will have the opportunity to dive into 40 days if you decide to eventually -

We usually start a new 40 days or 21 days Program at a change of Season.

  • MARCH 21st

  • JUNE 21st

  • SEPTEMBER 21st
  • DECEMBER 21st

We usually start the Sunday before the date.

During 40 days we practice together daily via Zoom :
- a KRYA: a sequence of active asanas (yoga postures), linked to particular breathing practices with a specific psycho somatic goal

- a MANTRA: a sung meditation that allows you to focus the mind and put yourself in a particular mental disposition

- a MEDITATION: with or without gestures, to empty the mental basket

It is an invitation to step into new ways of living :

- a DIETE: the lightest possible diet that allows the body to devote itself to more spiritual activities

- HYGIENE of life: cold shower, getting up at dawn, observation of thought, homework, daily meditations

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