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Business Coaching

Initially a sociologist and a Communication Manager at the European Commission, I became an entrepreneur and a Business Coach in my second life.


I founded the Jade’s Boudoir (a Holistic Healing & Training Center), the Savitri Life Academy (a school of transformation for people in transition), and co-founded the Dav Mahal (a YogAshram in Morocco, Essaouira).


- Coaching Ways Certified Coaching

- Access Consciousness Business School 

- Verbal Clearings 

- RaMa Business School NYC (Guru Jagat)

- Abraham Hickx Abundance Mindset Mantras

- Anthony Robbins

- Transpersonal Therapy tools

History of Business Coaching :

- Les Tartes de Françoise

- American Express

- Start Création

- CREDAL, Cooperative Bank, as a coach for the Women entrepreneur Programm

- Job Yourself (JYB) as a business Coach

In my business coaching I use various tools from my formal coaching toolbox but also from my spiritual path : we use magical tools such as mind-mapping, creative visualisation, NLP, reprogramming the mind, cleaning out the system of scarcity programs, 

Business Coaching benefits 

  • think out of the box

  • innovate create more 

  • reconnect to the abundance mindset

  • expand your ambitions

  • reach your goals (faster than normal)

  • stretch your world

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