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Weekly Kundalini classes

Let's synchronise our hearts

& keep the vibration high !

synchronisons nos coeurs et gardons la vibration haute 

a regular practice will help you experience more peace, be at the right distance to observe what is going on, not be too afflicted, and take the right decisions when needed.
The Sangha (spiritual community) supports that effort in its regularity. 


une practice régulière nous aide à vivre plus de paix, être à la bonne distance pour observer ce qui se passe, ne pas être affecté, et prendre les bonnes décisions quand c'est nécessaire.
La Sangha (community
spirituelle) soutient cet effort dans la régularité. 

Mondays 7am CET - 11.30am Indian time

Wednesdays 7am CET - 11.30am Indian time

Fridays 8am CET - 12.30 pm Indian time

Saturdays 9am - 1.30pm Indian time

Sundays 9am- 1.30pm Indian time

🗝️ week practice is 20-30min = en semaine

🗝️ weekend practice is 50-75min = les week ends

👉🏼 subscribe to our monthly plan : 50€ / month (par mois) 

accès à tous les cours - access to all classes

👉🏼 or pay per class : 20€ / class (par cours)


Payments : PayPal

or ING


! the monthly fee is deducted in the 21 & 40 days Programs !
= la mensualité est déduite des programmes de 21 et 40 jours

! if you register end of the month, you get the last classes of the month for free !

= Si tu t'abonnes à la fin du mois, tu reçois les derniers cours du mois offerts






ease the mind

Pranayama is the yogic practice of focusing on breath. In Sanskrit, prana means "vital life force", and yama means "to gain control". In this class we focus on calming the mind with several breathing techniques, that will then allow us to dive into deep meditation.

21 Jours.JPG


recondition the system

Kundalini yoga is a combination of breath, movement, and sound.
The ultimate goal of Kundalini is to increase your self-awareness by silencing your mind and unblocking your chakras so that your vital energy can flow freely. 

Kundalini Dance.jpg

Kundalini Dance

experience the flow

'Kundalini Dance' is a powerful, shamanic, healing, journey through the chakras, our seven basic energy centres. Sarbani is a leading expert on using the power of the 'Kundalini' life force, and the 'Chakra' system, for healing and transformation.

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