In order to reach the depths and the heights of this Technology, it is suggested to dive into a new DIET (Carême) for a while, and then see what you choose. Most of the food we eat is made of habits and lack of creativity . Get savvy ! start a new trend at home that is aligned with the new you in building.
- psychological diet
observe your thoughts, start journaling, read spiritual books, upgrade consciously towards more lightness & delicatesse. It is said that the language of the soul is very subtle and refined, the more refined we get the closer we get to the soul : in terms of choosing our words, our thoughts, our actions. who would we be if we acted mindfully in more occasions ? mindfulness and slowness are keys to the doors of consciousness.
- physical diet
in the same idea, the higher frequencies we in take the higher we get. Be mindful, observant of everything that goes into your body, for it enters your vortex, your energetic body and impacts your frequency. I would suggest to step down the coffee, cigarette and alcohol train, the milk, sugar and meat train, and see how it affects your organism and your thoughts. we are what we eat. dont worry about the mood swings, and the "down" with the daily practice your body will feel supported and integrate a new "filling" sensation
- alchemical diet
less interactions are on the agenda anyways (with the cold and the lockdown) so it is a perfect timing to concentrate on ourselves. If you are in a partnership maybe discuss the possibility to sleep alone a couple of days in the week. It is very healthy to come back to oneness every now and then, because that is what we are in the end of the day. ONE. we need to relax our auric body as much as our physical body.
- action diet
mindfully choose your activities. Maybe this is a good time (November into December) to relax more, do less. If we think about it, we are made to BE not to do. Action is related to need. How much do we need in a day ? Maybe we can start looking into our needs too. what do I want to keep and what am I ready to release? maybe more nature, less tv. more meditation, less social media. it is also interesting to observe what we are having a hard time to leave ? what are we resisting ? just observe, no judgment.

If you want to discuss or have more ideas on this part you can book an individual session with me.