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  • For whom are these practices ?
    This Yoga is for people who are going through changes in their lives : depression, burn out, burn in, addictions, mainly people who want to change something substantial in their life. Major changes in life are usually growth opportunities. That is when we are letting go, we crack and light can come in. That is when Kundalini is the most effective.
  • What can people who already practice yoga expect ?
    People who already practice yoga will be able to go a step further in their practice with this yoga technique. It has really nothing to do with hatha, ashtanga or vinyasa because it works rather on the expansion of consciousness, on the spiritual aspects. It is a actually a form of Transpersonal Therapy.
  • Do I need prior experience in yoga to join ?
    No. Our programme is open to beginners, as well as experienced participants who want to explore Kundalini.
  • Is the programme open to men and women ?
  • How will I join the classes ?
    you’ll receive a link
  • What if I am not a morning person ?
    Yoga sessions usually take place early in the morning. This allows you to take the benefits into your day. We also experienced that postponing you end up not doing them. But life happens. If you miss a morning class, you can always catch up with the replay at your best convenience. The more you practice, the more energy you get and the easier it becomes to wake up.
  • Why a 21 day program?
    21 days allows us is a cycle of integration of consciousness. The time required to welcome a new routine into your daily life and develop a new pattern. According to research, it takes 21 days to fully form a new habit, as 21 days is the time required for new neuropath ways to be fully formed in your brain.
  • How to prepare for my morning session?
    Just join and wear a comfortable outfit. The most important it that you feel confortable. Advanced participants enjoy wearing white clothing and have morning rituals. We’ll explain how and why this can benefit you. quick out bad habits.
  • Are the classes in English ?
    depending on the public, Savitri adapts. Usually classes are bilingual (French English, sometimes trilingual with German)
  • Do I need to learn Mantras or have specific spiritual beliefs ?
    During the programme we share with you materials that you are free to explore. We’ll share a set of traditional wisdoms. In the end, you make up your own mind
  • What if I am not satisfied with the programme?
    If you are not happy with the programme, simply let us know within the first 7 days and we will issue a refund.
  • Do we really need to take cold showers before practice ?
    As part of Ishnaan, hydrotherapy, cold showers are heavily suggested in order to feel the full effect of the Program. But of course, everybody is free to proceed as they please.
  • How can a person organise to practice yoga when working full time with a busy family life?
    This yoga is called the yoga of the housewife because it is easily integrated into a modern daily life. The idea is not to make us yogis retiring on the mountains. Collective practice is done early in the morning and takes 30 minutes of our time. The benefits are felt throughout the day. The week end classes are at 9am. and week sessions (during a 21 days programm) are at 6.30 am.
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