90 Days Karma Booster


90 Days Karma Booster

This Program is a total reboot of the system. Cleansing and uplifting, it has helped hundreds of people to find the way back home.

Who will be guiding you ?
This Program is guided by Sarbani Sen, entreprenarial Coach & consultant
She has guided SME's and entrepreneurs towards are more aligned and uplifting way of business.
Today she is offering this program to help entrepreneurs, people in transition, to reach t
heir goals.

How does it work ?

1) Every MONDAY you can join in for a 90 Days journey with the group.
During 90 days (3 months) we will meet every monday and discuss whats on the table, prepare the weekly goals together.

2) We practice Kundalini together 3x a week
(Sat 8am CET, Sunday 9am CET, Wednesday 9pm CET)

this will help strengthen our core,

develop our intuitive system,
keep the stamina

3) Every Friday morning we have joyful Dance classes !

4) you get 3 x 30Min individual sessions with Sarbani
- a kick off session
- a midway session
- a wrap up session

4) This program includes a notebook

and any 21/ 40 Days coming up during the program


Rejuvenation Program


Online Rejuvenation Programs

This Program is specially designed for men and women going through "the changing years", the years when the body enters a new cycle, menopause, andropause, may it be because of medication, surgery, disease or because of time working on the physical body.

In this program we work on the deeply rooted belief system.
With Quantum techniques such as verbal clearings and breathing exercices we reinform the cells about new possibilities for the body and the mind, creating new synaptic connections. This program has helped hundreds of people to find a smoother day to day with the self, building a new navigation system for the emerging self  way back home.

Programs always start with a one to one tailored session, where we diagnose the specific needs of each participant. Usually with an astrology grid we can observe strengths and challenges, and identify where specific attention is needed.


We use varied nature of holistic tools :

from food, to aromatherapy, Bach flowers, to daily physical routines, to specific assignments or mantras. 

We also have a multi disciplinary approach with specialists from different fields  such as : ostheopaths, neuroscientists, family constellators, naturopaths, ayurveda specialists, 

Some of our mains Tools

Image by Max


getting to know your body and toning it through specific movements, during a longer period. You will transform the shape of you.

Sound Therapy

music is the back bone of the Program, keeping you in a continuous trance, you will be called to come back to the mat.


daily observance of your progression : body mind and soul will help you fully step into mindfulness, allow to bring up emotional catharsis, get a greater sense of confidence & self-identity.

chakra4 (1).jpg
chakra4 (1).jpg


practice daily techniques that will help you focus and get more clarity on your life and projects. you will learn to empty the trash of your mind.

Personal Hygiene

you'll get a set of guidelines for enhanced physical performance. Integrate new habits.
Tips, best practices on food, hydrotherapy, 

& sleep performances


you will receive regular food for thought, mindful texts and spiritual theory. This will help you reflect on your day, on your life, access consciousness & deeper meaning

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