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Mentorship Programs

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Coaching Vs Mentoring

Coaching involves awareness of self. It focuses on making positive changes in behaviour. These help the individual grow and get better. Coaching involves learning that is one to one. It is a very personal form of learning, usually for a short duration.

Mentoring on the other hand, is usually for a longer duration. You can have more than one mentor. They share their knowledge and experiences to help them the mentee in their development. A mentor has higher experience and knowledge than the mentee. Mentors share valuable insights from their experiences.

These insights help the mentee avoid potential problems. The chances of failures are less because you will have a mentor to guide you on your journey.

A coach, on the other hand, helps you discover yourself and understand your hurdles. A coach is there to pick you up if you fall and help you understand how this can be a positive experience.

Coaching is time-bound and based on a plan. Mentoring is long term, often informal and is very flexible.

Coaching benefits

"You allowed me to initiate many changes in my life and take a couple of decisions that helped me to move forward and develop myself (meet a woman I love, fulfil the dream of my life). 

I thank you and thank life for meeting you."

Who are the sessions for?

These sessions and Programs are for men and women who are ready to shake their root system, and activate to get to the next level of their life. People who are ready to embody their highest goals with the help of a guide.

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