One-to-one Programmes  : see Transpersonal Therapy

Collective Programmes : 21 days and 40 days Collective Challenges


Collective meditation and Kundalini Practice is very powerful for your practice, it amplifies all your efforts in terms of
holding the space (by the teacher) for your spiritual development. You reach higher realms that allow you to experience the full self. But it also really helps for your engagement. Some days it is a real battle with the ego to get up every morning, in the dark (when it's winter), take a cold shower, put on your yoga clothes and get on the mat. Joining a group makes it much easier.

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> we meet on ZOOM and some days we meet physically  (for the Brussels sangha).

> We start on a Sunday at 9am.

> Weekdays we meet at 6.30am and practice for 35-40 min max (we all have to go to work in the morning, and some of us need to take care of the kids, catch a train, etc)

> On weekends, we usually meet at 8am on a Saturday and 9am on a Sunday.

> On Wednesdays we'll practice in the evening

> We communicate with a Whatsapp group

More info :

whatsapp : +32 483 388 180