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5 important keys to choose a good spiritual retreat

There are hundreds of retreats available on line and offline everyday. Major sites are now dedicated to retreat such as or or even

Why do people go on a retreat ? why is it so trendy ? there are many different reasons, most of them are depicted here :

  • 1. Provides Long-Lasting Motivation and Structure

  • 2. Encourages Learning and Growth

  • 3. Introduces New Techniques

  • 4. Discover New Locations

  • 5. Connect with a Well-Being Community

  • Your Next Journey Begins Here

what are the main retreats available ?

what are the key elements to choose a good retreat ?

In this short article I will share a few of my tricks for choosing.

1) The Promise

what are we gonna do during these 6-11-21 days ? what will we come back with ? what are we longing for ? are we longing for the same things as the organisers and the other participants ? maybe draft a list of outcomes you want to experience.

Do you want to live an initiation, Spiritual growth, experience ?

Are you longing for Joy, Peace, Serenity, Sun ?

Sometimes we just need a break from our routine, sometimes we need a kick in the butt to grow. Other times, we are craving for some input to upgrade to higher frequencies, grow, evolve, transform. It is important to identify our needs in order to be aligned with the objectives of the retreat we are choosing.

2)The Teachers

Who are the teachers ? what is their personality ? have I seen any YouTube of them before ? any podcast ? did I check their social media ? do I enjoy their way of teaching ? what is their experience ? where do they live ? can I relate with them ? does it make me dream ? am I excited to meet them ? do I trust them ? A good teacher is one that has experienced transformation and is still growing. Humility and a good sense of humour are important traits for me. As well as the capacity to share about the darker moments of their journey.

3) The space in between : sharing & downloading

Is there space in the schedule and on site ? how much nature is there and how far is it ?

It is in between teachings that growth often happens. during an informal talk, a walk, a meditation session by the ocean ... suddenly an aha moment and it all makes sense, information drops into consciousness and sometimes it comes with a trigger of unconscious patterns to be released.

4) The Community

what is the community the teachers or organisers are creating ? what does it look like ? do I feel comfortable with the crew ? do I see myself with these people ?

A strong community feeling is such a gift when it happens. Sometimes it comes as a cherry on the cake, but on the whole it is important to have a feeling of belonging with the Sangha (the spiritual community) before starting. We can get a glimpse of that on social media, or on the website - look at the pictures and tune in. See how they make you feel. Any emotion that comes up should be taken into account.

5) Degrees of Comfort

Depending on what cycle and stage I am in life I would like to have more or less comfort. Sometimes I really want to have the pampering of a queen (or a princess) : warm beds with heavy towels and stylish furniture, sometimes I'm in a yogi mood and prefer to have a rustic room, a simple bed, simple furniture and the minimum of comfort to come back to essentials and really deeper into the Self.

6) what about you ?

What are YOUR essentials for a good retreat ? what was YOUR favourite retreat ? and what did YOU really like about it ? Please share in the comments below and help grow this community of Kundalini Lovers !

7) Psssssst

and by the way, here is the link to our next retreat ! If you have any of the above mentioned (like the style of the teachers, like the pix on the Website, like the community around it) then check it out !


and online Retreats :

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