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What is the Radiant Body ?

In the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, the human being has 10 bodies. The 10th body is the Radiant Body and refers to “a field of energy that extends 9 feet around us”. Energy comes into the body through the crown chakra (situated above the head), goes up & down the spine picking up speed, and then extends and builds up the Radiant Body. A powerful 10th body makes one courageous and radiant. You project royalty and grace, both in how you act and how you present yourself. You are bold and have finesse. Good things come to you without much effort. Your presence is magnetic, and attention comes to you naturally. A weak 10th body makes you timid, fearful. You may have fluctuating energy and have difficulty with commitment.

Mantra Mantras such as Ajai Alai, Har Har Mukunday, and Gobinday Mukunday are powerful tools to strengthen the tenth body and bring courage.

Chant for 11 minutes!


Wearing white strengthens the Radiant Body by helping to reflect light throughout your field. It is said that just putting on white clothing boosts your aura 3 feet, and wearing it on a regular basis strengthens the 10th body. Wearing expressive jewelry can also boost this body, giving you the feeling of royalty & grace.


The hair is said to govern the tenth body. Cutting the hair diverts energy to its regrowth; leaving it uncut allows the body to divert that energy to the Radiant Body. If you ever feel your energy start to dip, wash your hair, or brush it with a wooden comb. You’ll stimulate the energy meridians on the scalp and feel refreshed. Wrap it up on your head in a kind of crown, and feel yourself stand a little straighter. Give it a try!

Yoga 11 minutes of Archer Pose on both sides of the body is a simple if challenging way to build up the Radiant Body.

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