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Astrology for your Business ?

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Did you know that many politicians and wealthy business people have their own astrologers to take important decisions ? Even in modern world ?

Astrology is a very sophisticated tool that helps us interpret positions and connections between planets and make sense of it in our lives and our businesses.

So why not use this very precise tool to help us with our business ?

Here is how to do it

👉🏽 We usually take the foundation date of constitution of the company, but we can also take the date of creation on paper or the date of agreement on a contract to calculate the chart.

👉🏽 Then we screen the chart and analyse the relationship between the house (scenario, theme) a planet (a role) is in and the sign (character) it wears.


First of all we look at #JUPITER : which shows us where the business will thrive. Where it will expand. Where it will be on track.

We look at #MARS which is word has available. Energy word has a stamina and power masculine in the company.

We'll look at #Venus to see where the cash flow will come from where the opportunities come from, abundance, wealth, or capacity to manipulate, and to communicate in a very charming way

We look at the #sun, which is where our company shines, which is where our company thrives

We look at #blackmoonLilith, which is where our company fails, where it falls and demolishes itself where it should improve and look at its patterns.

we look at #Saturn, which is where it has to improve, where it has to get new qualities, train , where it needs more patience, with needs to go into mastery, where it needs to go for excellence or where it will go for excellence

we look at the #moon which is the longing, the child, the childish needs, the irrational needs of the company


House 1 tells us about what comes easily to the company. it is just there, in the face. it can also be the way the company wants to be seen, what it's working towards.

House 2 is about wealth, accumulation, real estate, finances

House 3 about communication the way we reach out, the philosophy of the company, knowledge and information

House 4 is about the roots of the company, where it comes from in what kind of energies it as created

House 5 is about creation recreation and co creation, fun, leisure, playfulness, children

House 6 is about Health, domestic life, routines

House 7 is about relationships, partnerships , alliances

House 8 is about night life, tabous, heritage, It is viewed as the house of sex, taboos, death, resurrection and other people's possessions. We can infer from these general fields that it also rules legacies, heritages, and wills. powerful ambition, and leadership potential. Taxes, debt, and money that is given away or given to you, shared assets or financial burdens.

House 9 about studies, long distance ventures abroad, travels, all things expansive—thoughts, higher-level learning, philosophy

House 10 is about the business in itself, also governs public image, professional aspirations, and career achievements

House 11 about the community around, large groups, friendships, teams, ideals, and humanity

House 12 is about the karmic burdens. Considered the "unseen realm," and governs all things that exist without physical forms, like dreams, secrets, and emotions. Deepest psychological fears and desires, and work through them, so that the weaknesses that they bring can be made harmless


If the company has a lot of planets in #Scorpio, it will be very passionate and very power oriented. It will have success in its way of showing the truth and penetrating reality, penetrating the minds of the people.

If the company has a lot of #taurus, then it will be slow growing a Courageous company, which will be very grounded and will accumulate wealth.

If it’s a company that has been created in June it will have a lot of #Gemini energy which is very communicative fun oriented Energy

if it is in #cancer, it will be caring taking care of the community.

If it’s in #Virgo it will be implementing in bringing new habits for better health, improving health and habits.

If it’s in #libra, it will be an art objective or justice oriented company

if it is in #Sagittarius, it will be working abroad working with different countries connecting with different countries and foreigners.

If it is an energy of #Capricorn, it will be a slow growing company which will be very mindful and very austere, very earthly, grounded, and oriented towards improvement of a very specific niche. It will be very niche

if it’s #Aquarius, it will oriented towards improving community service to community institutions growth and the innovative way look into as a future innovation, technology, it will be aloof and probably avant garde

and if it’s #Pisces, it will be oriented towards growth and spirituality

If it is in #aries, it will be innovative, and creative, and changing in a very fighting mode in a very of a combative mode, and a very a feisty controversial mode

This is just a beginning of it.

We can also look at

Here is a short video that explains the basics of a chart reading :

Have a chart reading of the creators to understand the underlying energies at stake and their way of collab and their trigger points.

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