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Summer 2023 : the astrological midterm examination

Updated: Feb 7

During the summer of 2023, 7 planets will be in snooze mode at the same time !

Retrograde is a term that always scares us astrology lovers because we know that during that period it’s a kind of a midterm examination, a moment to examine where we’re at in various areas of our lives. Retrograde acts as a type of handicap, impeding the Planet to shine it usually does.

Technically : retrogrades occur when a planet appears to move backwards in its orbit. These are optical illusions, but are still thought to have impact on an astrological level.

1. Pluto retrograde (May 1 - Oct. 10) in Capricorn

Pluto the planet of Power, of magnetism, of the underworld, of the taboo (sex, death, money etc) will bring up old power struggles and former triangular situations that will be reopened and re-examined to see how we can learn and grow from them. You might feel your glory hours have gone, like you’re crumbling inside, loosing it at some times, like an end of the world feeling, specially on the formal aspects such as work and the professional world.

2. Saturn retrograde (June 17 - Nov. 4) in Pisces

Saturn, the planet of mastery, of time, of work, but also administration and the top down impositions we face in various aspects of life (it also represents the husband). This represents a moment of reflection in which we’re contemplating how we can attain our goals for the future. Relationships are going to be tested, as we’re deciding who and what we should invest our energy in. It is also an opportunity to readjust the way we handle obligations. Being the Lesson giver of the zodiac, he always bites our butt when we dont obey him. So stop trying to escape your duty, and rather find ways to get to it in a smooth way that will fit your character.

3. Neptune retrograde (June 30 - Dec. 6) in Pisces

Neptune the planet of spirituality, intuition, global love, christ energy. Our intuition may not be as spot on as it usually is when Neptune is retrograde in Pisces. You may start believing the narratives you tell yourself — even if they're not true. It’s good opportunity to assess what your routine is like to get out of the daily drama : alcohol, partying or rather mantra and practice ? Anything that gets us out of the narrative will serve. Who am I today in the face of my need to escape this daily 3D life ? What are my tools ? For some it may be sports, walking or gardening. Choose and put it in your tool box for the next years.

4. Venus retrograde (July 22 - Sept. 3) in Leo

Venus planet of Love, but also expenses, our needs, our cravings, our values. Venus retrograde is an opportunity to assess who we love, how we love and why we love. It might not be as “hot” as usual with hubby but when we get out of this tunnel, but we sure know that it’s worth it (or not) after going through so many talks and evaluation moments between the 2 of you. Is this really what I want ? If not, what is it I actually want ??

5. Mercury retrograde (Aug. 23 - Sept. 15) in Virgo

Mercury the planet of communication, of brotherhood, of friendships. Mercury retrograde in Virgo is going to bring back exes and old flames. This transit will bring us face-to-face with the past, both the good and the bad. Expect less communication with friends, less bubbly fun energies (a good moment to check inwards on our health, the way our brain functions).

6. Uranus retrograde (Aug. 28 - Jan. 27, 2024) in Taurus

Uranus, the planet of change, takes baby steps towards evolution when retrograde in Taurus. Don’t expect major waves or growth during this time. Take life one day at a time to avoid frustrations from rising during this planetary retrograde.

7. Jupiter retrograde (Sept. 4 - Dec. 30) in Taurus

Jupiter is the planet of good fortune, luck and expansion. When retrograde in Taurus it may prove to be beneficial. This transit urges us to make calculated risks instead of jumping all in without looking. Basically, it’s a call to read the fine prints (or learn to read them!).

Dive here if you want to know more about the retrograde planets, with this article from the Astro twins, a fun astrologer pair that write very accurate (and fun stuff) about Astrology (I often get their yearly Astrology almanach).

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