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Sunday Practice (day #2/120 Challenge)

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Kundalini Yoga

I had a nice Kundalini Yoga practice with my mom this morning 🙏🏽

My Mom practices Kundalini Yoga since a few years with me now (and hath yoga since many more years!) and it has done miracles for her, mainly during her last surgery intervention. I designed a program for her that she could do while sitting in her bed in the hospital (this was covid times) and she had a mantra to sing and some breathing exercises. It helped her to recover much faster than fellow patients in the hospital, to keep a positive outlook on her stay, and to recover fully. She is a very positive person anyways! but still these are her words, and the doctors were surprised too.


Then a long reading on the site of the Anti Prohibition League, the Belgian organism that works towards the legalisation of all substances to let humans be responsible for themselves again. This has made miracles in Portugal, Canada and the US since they adopted this philosophy. I strongly believe that we should all walk towards responsibility. I mean if you think about it, and look at the figures in this table, alcohol still comes as no1 as a danger to self and others (UK figures). Working on addictions and depression is one of my favorite subjects. I went through it myself during a couple of years, without even knowing it. Now with Kundalini I have a tool that helps me stabilise in my everyday life, especially now when it feels a little wobbly and intense for many of us. It was also a subject we discussed in my Teacher Training with KRI yesterday. Here is some more information on that if you're interested too. I might actually go for a special training on Cold depression as it's gonna hit many of us in the coming years, because these are years of transition, towards the new era, the new society and higher vibrations, different frequencies of the earth etc (listen to Nassim Haramein if you're interested in the more scientific approach to all these changes we are going through - the Quantum)


After my morning porridge I had some "Peya" today. A kind of a rice soup to lighten my meal and give my belly a break (I guess the news I got this week made me a bit weak beginning of the week - luckily I feel much better today).

I highly recommend the Ayurvedic website here for recipes - but it's in German sorry guys 🫣

giving my belly a break today was a great idea ! (Thanks my Love who is still in his Ayurvedic retreat)

Going for a walk in the forest 🌳 now...

See you tomorrow 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽


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