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Full moon in Pisces 10/09/2022 How to deal with this acceleration ?

“If you are experiencing the acceleration and intensification of things around you, perhaps at a faster pace than you can comfortably keep up with, know all is well, you are leaving the wheel of karma, which is associated with the dimension of time, and which many are now shifting from. As we change our understanding of time, the ‘laws and rules’ also change. This is where karma contracts are given a chance to be fulfilled and to transcend” (Raquel Spring, Astrologer)

Someone told me the other day I am lucky I am already living the life I want. Yes, true, because I chose to. I put my expectations drastically down. I try to live a slow life (at age 50 it sounds crazy, most of us slow down at 60 or 70) but I want to have it all now. And I believe that is why we are here. Travelling to India regularly again, I feel an urge to share this philosophy with you.

I wear cheaper clothes, travel a bit less and still feel good. I know I’ve had it all. So have you. At 50 we’ve all done pretty much - well as much as we could so far, being who we are. Amen to that ! We are still evoloving. Let's leave all our "should haves - could haves" behind.

Here are a few tips I wanted to share, that I've learned along the path that I try to apply in order to make me feel better, and simply relax. Because in the end of the day : when you relax everything can happen. (Dain Heer, Access Consciousness => check him out !).

1- Put your expectations down

Be happy with what you have. Life has given you the possibility to have steady income for now. Put the money aside for harder days - soon you’ll transition to the new version of you. You will need that money for then (like Me now) Dont feel bad for the past. Be in gratitude. We are alive for Christs sake ! and we are here. reading this, with a computer or a phone, with wifi connection, with warm clothes and a cup of tea.

What more do we need ?

2- Bring yourself at peace with what you have today

Remember the SATTVIC (peaceful, harmonious), RAJASIC (emotional rollercoaster) and TAMASIC (sluggish, lack of energy) concept ? Remember how it is linked to food, habits, but also what you put in your day.

  • For a Satvic life : you will bring in more relaxing music for the soul and the body, some stretching / yoga postures, more deep breathing exercices, more peace and balance into your day to day, less emotional ups and downs, more stability, expansion

  • For Rajasic life : living it all, having extreme fun, adrenaline shots etc you need to fill your day, pack it with exciting stuff and run from one to the other. Maybe smoke, drink alcohol or be attracted to external source of happiness. Exhaust yourself. This is an addiction and craving based lifestyle.

  • For a Tamasic life : buy ready made stuff everyday, sleep in a couch and have less energy. Hang around, cruise, chill, relax, unwind, restore.

All 3 states are important, just be mindful of what you are feeding more, and keep a certain balance. Remember that imbalance brings dis-ease (in Chinese and Japanese medecine).

3- Nurture stability with what you love & the ones you love

Wether on phone or in presence, show up for the people you love and that need you, or you have committed to. Settle an agreement with them and yourself. Take your agenda and just program easy things. Pick 2-3 meaningful people and keep it at that. The rest you can meet occasionally.

Organise yourself. It is key for stability, and a stable ground will allow you to unfold all your potentials and let your creativity flow in your life. We need peace to function. Peace is when we are able to breath in deep and fully. In and out. From the belly. Add as many times as possible around the clock. Magic can enter your life if you give it that space.

For me its yoga, flow, dance, nature, walks, spending time with my good friends, sharing intimacy, getting to know my boyfriend, laugh a lot.

4- Breath more and deeper

Take all the occasions you have during your day to breath as deep as you can for as long as you can. 5 minutes is great but 15 is better. (See my course on Pranayama to have a couple of good breathing exercises.)

5- Observe life around you

Life is amazing , so many interesting things to observe and go deeper even.

Study something meaningful. Keep reading, informing yourself on stuff that interests you.

Soon you’ll be gone from this planet, and you won’t have enjoyed all the beauties of life.

Go for daily or regular walks or runs. Nature is your natural environment, no wonder we regenerate when we are in it.

Try to find a deep green forest instead of a parc.

6- Push & Pull

Live as you were in your dream life already. Behave as if, feel it in your core, feel the deep joy of it, and attract that energy.

If you want a peaceful love life, vibrate that deep love, spend time feeling it in your body, write to your lover and let him/her know, expand into that energy. It's not an easy process and it takes a lot of focus, dedication to your (higher) self. For me, it is easy to get carried away into negative thoughts, and just drift down the negative spiral of over thinking.

If you want something material, feel that you have it already, how does it make you feel ? Feel that more, and make it vivid in your body. He is the one calling upon the web to feed you with more of that. Don’t forget : our bodies are our transmitters and receptors.

Here is a video explaining the Access Consciousness push and pull concept a bit more (in french though) : I would also advise to listen to some Abraham Hickx, Esther Hickx always has a nice way of putting it and gets you back into place immediately.

7- Bottom line : S l o w d o w n + S i m p l i f y

See the people you love more (even together why not). Use technology, Face time, email, Call…. All that you can use to be in touch. Humans need warmth and touch, voice is warm too, love is warm, even if you sit in your car for 5 minutes and just think lovingly of your beloved, she will feel it. We are all connected, this is a web we’re in. (More on that in another article).

Reduce your expectations (don’t buy that apartment, don’t do those expensive works, don’t kill yourself to leave a material legacy to your kids. This all comes from fear : fear that they will lack of something, or be unhappy. Life will provide for them, and everybody is going to be just fine.

Instead : focus on being a present & loving parent, take good care of the ones you love that bring out the best in you that make you grow, Focus on your deepest values, learn how to paint a bathroom wall yourself instead of paying someone, get out of the box in your head, outcreate yourself now.

You’re not what you think you are. Take a good look at yourself from outside.

BONUS : 6 journaling prompts to explore under a full Moon

Allow yourself to explore the depths of who you are with the full Moon illuminating your way. You intuitively know the answers...

Are there parts of yourself that you hide from the outside world? What are these?

  • Why do you keep them hidden?

  • What fears do you hide in the dark?

  • What would it feel like to befriend these fears and hidden aspects of yourself?

  • If you could view them as a young child, how could you nurture them? What would you say to them?

  • What are some ways in which I can begin to accept all of me?

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