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How to clean up complicated or toxic relationship

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

What is a toxic relationship ?

A relationship that does not vibrate at the highest frequency. In other words, a bond that does not make us grow but on the contrary diminishes us, reduces us, lulls us into a less evolved version of ourselves.

Why and how do we get into this type of link?

Sometimes for karmic reasons (greeting contracts, etc., often between spouses or members of the same family), for psychological reasons (lack of self-esteem, childhood suffering, etc.) or for historical reasons (lack of dialogue, conflicts of opinion, judgments etc).

Basically, a toxic bond is a dysfunctional relationship. From this point of view, it is possible through specific protocols to readjust these links, to distance oneself from the relationship or to change the polarity of the link - whether with a person, a family member, collaborator, or even a project.

How to get rid of toxic links?

Here are some protocols that I use/have used personally and have found very helpful in my journey. You can use them one after the other. However, consider leaving a few days in between. I would say a week to let the magic work and 21 days in the case of a con. Feel free to use these protocols for projects, it works great too.

1. Little stick figures "petit bonhommes allumettes"

The Canadian Jacques Martel developed this psycho-magical protocol to be done on a sheet of paper, which physically unties toxic bonds and restores harmony. It is a protocol that takes a little time but that allows you to experience the release of deep toxic bonds in your body. It brings a beautiful energy instantly.

👉🏽 Here is a video on how to do it : in English

2. The 22 protocols of Natacha Calestrémé

Natasha is a reporter that travelled the world to gather shamanic rituals around the world to help her get the recognition she deserved (and did not have). I practiced some of them and I must say that I found them very pleasant to do - at the psychosomatic level as well. She offers protocols very specific to particular situations such as the house, the ancestors, recovery of souls following an ordeal, dismissals, loss of energy, emotional legacies, etc.

👉🏽 explanation of her book : in french

3. The HoPonoPono Ritual

Hawaiian ritual developed by a Hawaiian psychiatrist. His story is very interesting. The caption says he dealt with dangerous criminals with this protocol (simply by doing it with his patients' files) and all of them were released after a few sessions. Personally, I use this protocol to restore more harmonious links with friends, family, etc. The results are sometimes surprising (the person calls at the end of the ritual! or a sudden change in the vibrational frequency of the link). This ritual does not change the person, but changes the polarity of the relationship and by extension

I'm sorry

Excuse me

I love you


👉🏽 Learn about it here : in English

I really would suggest to listen to Mantras when you do this work. 👉🏽 Here is a good Mantra to connect with higher Self and divine energies

4. The Family Constellation

It is also possible to understand the nature of a link (and therefore to overcome it, to modify it) by the family constellation. This systemic therapeutic tool, invented and formalized by a German priest named Bert Hellinger, sheds a very interesting and sometimes surprising light on relationships. It is thus possible to understand why it happens in such and such a way with so and so. Everything is systemic according to Bert Hellinger, we are all the result of our family history. Here the psycho-magical work consists in modifying the place and the polarity of the people present. Here we work on the family myth, we modify the family ecosystem.

How it works : in English

💎 If you are interested, contact me and I will share the contact details of Constellation therapists.

5. Mantra Singing "There are eighty-four points in the upper part of the mouth and the touch of the tongue works like acupressure. When you speak, this tongue touches those areas and stimulates the nervous system and brain. The words we call mantra are designed to stimulate a particular combination of meridians in the mouth. These words also have a projective power. The theory is that the huge computer mind is Infinite and our mind is limited. If you know the combination of the frequency of the signal which can tap the resources of the Infinite Mind, then the flow of Infinity will start appearing to your finite mind. Mantra is nothing but a telecommunication of the finite unto the Infinite. The individual creates a frequency of vibration within his electro-magnetic field to tap the electro-magnetic field of the Universe." Yogi Bhajan "The twenty fourth pauree breaks through all limitations with the force of a thunderbolt. It is so powerful that it affects generations; it has the power to kill misfortune." *Pro tip - you don't have to know the words. Just move your mouth and tongue as if you do and you'll still receive the neurological upgrades and healing benefits. *Pro tip - if you're not into the meditating or mantra recitations but want the benefits (or you just want to amp it up) then sleeping to the mantra on repeat does the work for you. It may take a night or two to adjust but trust me, neurological patterns will be re-calibrated and you'll begin to sleep more deeply and wake up differently. It doesn't have to be loud either. When we sleep, our subconscious mind cycles through a lot of negative garbage; by playing mantra through the night, the technology of the sound clears it out for us. Try it!

1) Clean family Karma:

Ant Na Siftee has a specific sound current, or a unique code, that activates when the tongue hits the meridians on the roof of the mouth (there are 84 of them) - this activates specific neurological sequences of the mind, as do all Kundalini mantras. Sleep to it, learn it, chant it 11x per day, chant it for 11 minutes per day, play it on your phone and in your will give you sovereignty, it is the sound of infinity.

This sound breaks and transforms generational, incarnational, karmic, and familial entanglements and patterns - perfect to play around the holidays when a lot of old habits and family stuff tends to come up! The very precise rhythm of Ant Na Siftee puts a specific pattern on your neurons giving you the ability to re-code reality in a different way - I recommend the version by White Sun Music, found here.

2) Mantra to connect to collective consciousness, we are one 👉🏽 Humee Hum Brahm Hum

3) Mantra "Eka MAi" - High vibrational energies - Virgin Mary energies 👉🏽 Here is a good Mantra to connect with higher Self and divine energies

💎 I wish you deep and revealing discoveries on this path of autonomy 💎💎💎

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