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How to make your own Spicy Chai (tea)

Here in Tanzania, there are a lot of indian ingredients and recipes. And of course the spices are a big theme here since this was one of the big producers back in the days of the famous spice route.

This cluster of islands off the coast of Tanzania is nicknamed the Spice Islands, and there was once a time when Zanzibar was the largest producer of cloves in the world. Spices were first introduced by the Portuguese back in the 16th century, when they were transported over from colonies in Goa and Brazil.

Main benefits

Let me remind you of the main benefits of the spices in this yogic tea, highly recommended to recharge Your batteries but also boost your immune system, help with digestion and many more benefits.

Cardamom – useful for cleansing the airways, reduces indigestion, stimulates appetite and reduces nausea. You need to know the complete information about Health Benefits of Cardamom.

Cinnamon – some of the Health Benefits of Cinnamon are helped circulation and overcomes back pain, stops hiccups, and soothes the stomach.

Clove – has antiseptic properties that are useful for overcoming sore throat and cough.

Ginger – useful to overcome a cough, colds, flu and digestive problems. According to Ayurveda, ginger is also used in the treatment of arthritis, especially osteoarthritis.

Yogi tea can speed up the body’s metabolism so it is beneficial to lose weight. Yogi tea is also used to prevent cancer because it has a high antioxidant content.

How to make your own

Gather all the ingredients and roast them for a couple of minutes.

Then heat some vegan milk and add a black tea bag. One your get the tea color, add the grinded spice. and voilà ! You can drink with or without sweetener. It has so many flavours you might not even need to add (brown coconut) sugar or honey.

Make sure you have your Yogi Tea spices ready for the upcoming online Total Reboot 21 days Programm 🙏🏽✨ !

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