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25.10.2022 Scorpio New Moon + eclipse : TIME TO COMMIT TO OUR CHOICE

Where is Scorpio in your birth chart ? What theme does it activate ?

If it is in a power position (conjunct or on the cardinal lines), you will feel its presence all the more (self realisations, milestones).

Be mindful, and you will be able to draw some interesting correlations, maybe even step out of some old habits.

The New moon / eclipse energies last a couple of days before and after the 25/10. The Scorpio (revealing secrets) season will last until Sagittarius enters the scene (mid November).

What impact of the lunar eclipse?

A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes through the earth's shadow. Our satellite is no longer illuminated by the sun and takes on an orange color. At the physical level, it can give increased restlessness or fatigue, more emotionality. At the astrological level, depending on the house in which it is played, it brings out old unresolved personal or professional files. Basic cleaning, awareness, the opportunity to decide to "do things differently".

Little reminder about the new moon

New moons 🌚 are an opportunity to plant seeds that we will harvest after 6 months - at the full moon 🌕 in scorpio in May 2023... So this is a perfect day to write your wishes.

🦂 Scorpio invites us to more depth, circumspection and accuracy in our relationships, in our actions, in our reflection, to practice the "piercing gaze" (ein schafes Auge) 🖤 get out of the trance in which we put ourselves voluntarily to reactivate our "negative mind" (the 3rd body in Kundalini) the one that allows us to observe things/people/events for what they are, without emotions, in all sobriety.

🦂 At the same time, being the ruler of the current South Node (which points to what we are leaving behind - what our soul asks to detach from) he asks us to go to the North Node in Taurus :

let go of old mechanisms of taking power and control, coming out of the darkness universe of Pluto, daring to show ourselves as we really are : shadow and light as we are now collectively heading towards more light and lightness.

The energies of Taurus are more peaceful, more luminous, softer, less heavy. They tell us about the polarity around : work vs manipulation, sweet sensualism vs lustful passion, cosy vs shady, natural vs artificial, day vs night. A good time to quit some of our (mental / physical) addictions or balance some of our old mechanisms mindfully.

⚡️ Ideal day to answer the little "inventory" questionnaire for 21/40 days. We start the transformation Program in 4 days!

⚡️ What do you long to improve, change, create in your life today? What mechanisms do you want to break away from? What are you observing right now? Take some time to write it down.

I urge you to keep a notebook of Moons and return to it regularly to see if the harvest resembles the seeds sown. Become aware of the cyclical and thematic nature of life.


If this subject interests you, book an appointment for an astro-coaching consultation to have even more clarity on what you are letting go and what you are going towards. For a peaceful decision making, optimal navigation and a certain inner peace.


Let the truth be

That I embody My Truth

Let my Truth resonate

(Photo credit: Nabi Rubens )

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