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Oh Happy days ! (diary of my first 120 days challenge)

MARCH 11, 2023

Today I decided with a friend of mine to start a 120 days challenge (4 months). She committed to start working out more regularly and I committed to add a post to my blog EVERY DAY (hope you support me by commenting and liking my posts!!).

So everyday I will share insights of Astrology, Kundalini, Sociology, Moods & Food.

... until JULY 11, 2023 !

ASTROLOGY of THE DAY : for business & love

💗 Today we are in a L O V E energy with sun and Mercury in Pisces, conjunct Neptune (ruler of Pisces!) we will radiate love, speak love and think love, community, One.

🪐 Saturn (the speed breaker, entering Pisces since a few days deeply) will show us how we love, how we can master that feeling, make it more substantial, more efficient at a collective level. Pisces is also famous for its business skills (diplomacy and connecting to abundance, to the higher realms above the 3D), so maybe Saturn (that helps us to master a skill) will help us there too. 🥳 Jupiter is in ARIES !!! Yeyyy can you feel the extra energy available suddenly ? bye bye slow-mo, here comes the trailblazer of Luck ! conjunct our collective Chiron, its gonna be Healing to have so much energy again. Take advantage don't let anything out, don't neglect any opportunity ! Venus is not too far either, so it might get even hotter under the sheet (especially in this cold weather) no need to play your romantic music, just get to the sweaty part ! (Aries is very physical and not so chi-chi). Its in house 11 though, the house of the collective. Do let us know how that will reveal in your world ?? 🥳 💸 Venus is also the planet ruling money and business skills, diplomacy and abundance in general. Like Lakshmi in the hindu pantheon. So maybe showing up in the collective (house 11) is not a bad idea at this point. 👯‍♀️Mars is connect Rising in Gemini.... flirtatious, moving fast and communicating with as many as possible. Just being there, very solar too. A lot of energy available for showing up in friend circles or meeting new people.

⚡Moon is in Scorpio house 5... what could that possibly bring in your world ? passionate (scorpio) need (moon) to create (house 5) in a deep way, showing or looking at things in a different angle. going deeper, going in even...

PS : Did you know Astrology is super helpful for life choices and directions, kids education and business too? get your chart done and see what is in there for you


Day 18 of my 40 days Kundalini Practice ! we are in the middle of the "awakening to your 10 bodies" program. Today we were 4 at the Kundalini Yoga Weekend class. It was really cosy and we allowed ourselves to share a bit about our practices (some of us are in a 21 days Program) because we all have more time 🥰.

- I'm taking my diet back in hand! (My ♥️ is on an Ayurvedic retreat for 2 weeks and he gives me lots of meal ideas. see below👇🏽)

- I took back the positive affirmations

- I started this 120-day challenge (4 months) with my dear friend Sabrina (she does her exercises and I have to write on my blog every day)

- During meditation, I decided to focus on the positive affirmations and let go of my situation (super high energy bill 🤷🏻‍♀️), I know that something good will come from my efforts, I can not do more than I do. I got back into the FLOW of life, may it help me grow and send me where my mind is pointing !

- since I showed myself vulnerable, I feel well surrounded again, I am in gratitude 🙏🏽 for my entourage


I started cooking this morning for my day because i have Kundalini Teacher Training class all afternoon until 9pm :

- palak paneer (cumin curry garam masala and feta)

- simple kichari of potato & carrots with ghee

- dal

and I am having porridge with cooked appels and dried raisins for breakfast and my sweet breaks. I decided to stop bread again (i know it makes me tired).

Stopped my 1-coffee a day. Drinking more warm water and tisane again (less green tea) today Citronnelle (erva cidreira, reminds me of Brazil 🥰)

So that's it for today !

Hope you enjoyed this ?? Let me know if its too long, or if you want me to share about something specific ? and please leave a comment about YOUR day and what YOUR challenge is these day ? .ONE.

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Great ❤️❤️❤️


Super inspiring, and a real challenge! Thanks for all the tips you give, astro and others <3


Looking forwards to reading more of what this 120 chalenge draws from your penmanship!

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