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Question : how do you stay at high energy level and in discipline regularly …?

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Answer is : discipline & consistency Ok so - Once you identified that you actually want to change something in your life, it’s the very first step to actual change. so Congratulations to that. Good for you !

Now that you know you want to change something (stay in high energy level, get out of a bad habit, introduce a new lifestyle, move from one metaframe to another) you need to observe what is old and decide where you want to be, whats new ? or rather who do you want to be from now on ?

For me, what really worked well, the first time I wanted to make a big 180 degree shift, was my first 40 days Kundalini retreat. Back then, I was in the middle of a divorce, and I observed that I was leaving my previous metaframe (ie. the sociological conditions of my situation had changed : mother of 3+2 kids, married, wealthy husband, huge house, travelling a lot) for a new metaframe that felt not so sexy (single, mom of 3 adolescent kids, no house, with not so much money). So I decided to create - or rather dive into - a new metaframe (pulled myself into a new sociological category) : from now on, I wanted to be a Momtrepreneur - a successful business woman - with responsibilities for 3 growing up kids. I wanted a radical change, and decided to hire 3 coaches : one for the physical condition, one for the mental condition and one for the business. (actually there were 5, I really wanted to change and get out of my mental conditioning).

In the end of the day, it's all about the story we tell ourselves and how we tell it. (S.Sen)

So there I was working hard to leave the mental frame I had lived for the last 10 years, and dive courageously into this new one. It took me a few months, but I started right away with mental and physical workout. I was ready to recondition myself, and start something totally new that would bring me to a different place within and without.

That's when Kundalini Yoga came into my life. I dove body and soul. Started a first 40 days. OMG it was soOoo hard ! I barely could keep up, then I did a 21 days meditation challenge with Deepak Chopra, and finally went to the US to do the teacher training.

>>> Kundalini is a transpersonal psychotherapy <<<<

It addressed so many issues at once :

1) my personal issues (co-dependency, anger management, sex addiction, marijuana addiction, and a toxic tendency towards my partners) - bubbles from the unconscious world came up one after the other to consciousness. I started to work on all these topics and issues that had been jammed in my vortex for so many years.

I cried during most of the Kundalini sessions in NYC, we did some powerful 11- 21-31 minutes of specific kryas - and even more during the powerful Gong sessions led by Harijiwan (super powerful).

2) my longing to reconnect to the divine, to my soul, to the spirit world, to the more subtle, delicate part of life that I had been in since childhood. As far as I remembered, I always had an altar in my room and always chanted mantras - or later catholic or buddhist songs. I used to ask in school to go to church at age 8. (yes I know freaky, a strong soul longing it is)

3) my need to use full potential of my physical body. I knew we were using only 2% of our brains, but I did not know we were also using only 2% of our bodies and that this technology actually showed us how to unlock all the doors, I had found a bundle of keys ! Today at age 50, I feel more fit than in my 30's ! more stamina, more positive energy, more muscles, more core strenght.

4) being the super human I always felt I could be. For sure, being a hyper mind, or in Ayurveda a pitta-vata mix, I constantly multi task and my mind drifts away very easily. With Kundalini, I started to develop the ability to meditate everyday, having more poise and one-centredness than ever. I felt on top of my game in no time !

>>>> So how did I get there ? <<<<<<<

Well in order to expect a change, you need to change something in your day to day (says Einstein ! if you always do the same, how can the outcome be different?) you have to design a routine, to outcreate the new you ! and then stick to it, because change doesn't just happen overnight. It takes time, consistency, dedication, faith and a passion for yourself, your very own personal growth.

>>> The most difficult part… discipline, stick to something everyday <<<

I started my journey into Kundalini with a group of practice (a Sangha, a spiritual community) … 40 days (with my Dutch teachers Marieke and Tim) and then more 40 days (with my American school RaMa), 21 days…. And now I organise them myself (that’s what I do). I walk people to the altar of self reliance, that place where they can rely on themselves, strengthen their willpower, feel self secure. It is a process to be out there on your own and know how to get back home, within.

>>> so how do I build my healthy routines ? <<<<<

On my website, you'll see that I offer programs, where we dive into 21 days or 40 days of a daily routine made of a Krya (a set of exercises), a mantra (a spiritually directed energy beam with a goal), and maybe some specific pranayama exercices (breathing exercices with specific goals) It helped many people so far to get hooked to the new healthy routine.

>>> best practices to design your own routine <<<

1) choose a smart goal (Specific/Measurable/Achievable/Realistic/Timeframed)

2) design a routine (whatever you want, I usually pick a pranayama + kundalini krya + a mantra)

3) pack it with all healthy stuff (new food ideas, healthy groceries, seasonal recipes, etc)

4) choose between a routine time : I usually do 6-11-21 or 40 days (Kundalini times)

5) combine your challenge with a new moon or a full moon. New moons are best to start something new on a specific theme. 6) after one challenge, make sure to jump into another one !

for me, it got me to this new version of me that I love ! there is not one day, where I dont thank Yogi Bhajan, and the Kundalini family for keeping this tecnology alive. I even decided to become one of the promoters of it because it is the perfect technology for these times of fast changes, we need dynamic tools that show immediate result. this is what kundalini does for you. If you stay faithful to the practice, the practice will do miracles for you.

"keep up and you shall be kept up." (Yogi Bhajan)

Tips : - practice buddy : if you decide to start on your own, make sure you have practice buddy or someone who has your back - or a goal that is so desirable that you crave to achieve your goal !

- journaling : use a journal and write everyday. write about your evolution, what you feel, what you've done, what is coming up etc.

- mindmap or visionboard : sometimes I even do a mindmap or a visionboard about it (see my articles on how to do a vision board or a mindmap)

Hope this helped !

feel free to contact me and we can organise your next challenge together !

see you on the other side - SAT NAM

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