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Reality Transurfing

Updated: May 2, 2022


It is a sort of "Law of attraction" for smart people. The Law of attraction is about mentally thinking of what you want.. and that's probably not enough.

"Reality transurfing" is doing something with thoughts and action to connect to what is there already. There are about 10 different layers of reality.

Reality transsuefing bringa with it the notion of “Activating” the dream. It is generated by : fuel that is peoduexed when the heart and the mind coordinate (passion + mental) This fuel is created when they agree on one direction.

Technically, it will look like this : the heart exploding with joy and the mind seeing the benefits of it. This creates a powerful frequency.

It is important to keep out of guilt of not being in a higher vibration and instead create a new level of reality, an intention that does not hold space for external stimuli.

The « Center screen » should be our intention (created by the heart mind coordination).

In other words, we need to pacify the information that comes in, triggering the Center screen, and focus on the intention. This takes practice !

3 useful tips to improve our focus :

1) Don't allow yourself to be sucked in and eaten up by external idea or triggers. Go in the direction of your intention. Bring yourself back. Be aware when you are sucked in. Bring yourself back to intention.

2) Formulate what your triggers are. Call them out. "who's benefitting from my intention right now" ? Overwrite all the old conventional triggers that bring the volume down.

3) Speak louder between heart and mind (higher chakra centres) have the awareness to see it. know when to kick in to action. This takes mind training.

How can Kundalini help ?

Kundalini Yoga is of course the perfect technology for mind training.

Being consistent and sitting with our target no matter what, is pretty much what we do when we go into a 40 days program. Consistently coming to the mat every morning, checking on where we’re at, upgrading our thoughts, cleaning our beliefsystem, observing our patterns is part of the process.

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