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Re-programming the mind through positive affirmations

Updated: Feb 7

I recently found back an old childhood book from Paramahansa Yogananda (yes I'm a hindu born so we get those books from childhood on 😌) So I decided to give you the best parts of it and summarise it. I use it in my Programs too.

Of course in his book, everything is linked to divine consciousness - and immersion and belief in God. In the secular world we life I don't want to impose, and it really works if you replace God by energy or Universe.

For the story, Paramahansa Yogananda was the student of my Guru Sri Yukteshwar Giri - he writes about his encounter and life as his disciple in Autobiography of a yogi.

How do you choose a Guru ? To me a Guru is an entity, a spiritual presence that motivates me and helps me reach higher levels of consciousness. Since 2 year I feel guided by Sri Yukteshwar (it's been Omram Ivanhov for a while- some 4 years ago) it just happened that I saw his picture in various different situations and he found his way back to me.

What is the Technology of positive affirmations ?

👉🏽 Create your list of positive affirmation sentences.

The most effective is to write what we feel when we receive what we need, want, miss.

Direct your thoughts towards a goal greater than yourself.


- I feel positive and bubbly, I am in great shape, I have a lot of energy

- My body is happy, beautiful and sparkling all over

- I vibrate at my highest frequency, I constantly receive messages from my angels and my guides, I am blessed and guided

- My professional activity is recognized for its high quality, I live a real professional success, I have many clients that I help effectively towards the highest version of themselves and pay me with pleasure

- The money fills my bank account and I am generous with those around me, my children, my family, my lover

- I love and pamper my husband, my children, my entourage

- I am loved and pampered by my husband, my children, my entourage

- I make myself useful and I am active in my community

- My spiritual practice brings me fullness and allows me to access new states of consciousness, to perceive reality even better.

👉🏽 Repeat them daily with faith and fervor, without getting attached to the result MORNING AND EVENING (+ whenever necessary)

We can accompany this work of reprogramming the mind with oils

essentials (sandalwood, frankincense, ylang ylang, green tea or any oder that anchors the

message, reminds us, stimulates us and gives us a high vibration)

Positive Affirmations 1

👉🏽 How does it Work ?

1) Use of will, emotion and reason

When we make a positive affirmation of will, they must be lived and pronounced with a powerful determination.

When giving a positive affirmation of feelings, they must be lived and spoken with devotion.

When making a positive affirmation of reason, it must be experienced and spoken with clear understanding.

The intensity of the attention is essential, continuity and repetitions are key factors also without attachment to the result.

If it is to heal a physical wound, the attention should not be on the wound but on the infinite power of the mind. To heal depression, scarcity, and loneliness, it is important to focus on joy, abundance, and togetherness.

2) Personal responsibility

Ultimately, we are responsible for our chronic illnesses and our states of mind (which result in our physical injuries)

In order for positive affirmations to reach super consciousness they must be free of uncertainty and doubt. Mindfulness and faith are lights that even imperfectly guide to the subconscious and the super conscious.

They must be repeated until they become part of our intuitive convictions.

👉 When & how to affirm ?

- Sit in the lotus position or simple sitting, on a wool, or an organic fabric (which serve against the magnetic vibrations of the earth which attach us to the material world)

- Eyes closed, focus on the medulla oblongata (at the back of the neck)

- straight column, chest high, abdomen tucked in

- Inhale exhale 3x

- Detach your attention from the needs and bodily sensations (hot cold

hunger noises etc)

- Do not think about the necessary healing, drive away anxiety, suspicion, and

hassle. Realize calmly and with faith that divine Law works and is a superpower. Do not allow yourself any doubt or skepticism.

- Faith and concentration allow the Law to operate

- Practice directly when waking up or going to bed

- Speak out loud first, then softer, then whisper,

then mentally to a deep level of uninterrupted thought concentration.

A feeling of joy and deep peace will follow.

During the period of deep concentration the affirmations will merge with the subconscious flow, with a power to influence conscious thought (thanks to the law of habit) and thus fulfill our desires.

“The process of freeing human consciousness consists of training through study, affirmations, concentration, and meditation to turn the attention away from the vibrations of the gross body with its ceaseless fluctuations of thoughts and emotions, in order to feel the more subtle and stable energies of life energy and higher mental states.”

if you want to go deeper in this technique book a session and let's get started. I will walk you through the process. this is part of a larger Program where I design a tailored workout + affirmations with you.

*from Paramahansa YOGANANDA's book on "scientific claims of healing"

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