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The Power of Ishnaan. Hydrotherapy.

By doing any exercise for hours, you cannot stimulate your cells + psyche to the extent that you can with cold water ! Ask Wim Hof ! There’s nothing like standing under ice cold water and making your body become hot. The word is “hot.” Normally, in this therapy, we say to “heat yourself.” – heat your neck, heat your shoulders, heat your elbows. Can you believe a guy standing under a shower doing this for two hours? But that’s how they do it. And everywhere that the cold water hits, the blood will come. Everywhere you massage, rebuilding will occur and the psyche of each cell of the body will be reconstructed.

For the 40 days Program, I don't ask you to go that far (although you could try it if you are having serious health issues - it will help you 100% sure about that).

> During the program I advise you to start with a dry exfoliation of the body (with a loofah horsehair glove) Dry brushing is an interesting aid to detoxification because it unblocks the skin emunctory which represents the largest area of elimination. Toxins are also evacuated through the pores of the skin and the practice of dry brushing is an excellent regenerating technique. It wakes up the lymphatic system and therefore the immune system. And in fact, it relieves the liver and kidneys.and it heats the body, preparing you for the Cold shower... you actually want it after the scrub.

> step into the cold shower. The procedure is very simple. Take your hands, let the cold water fall, and rub them to the extent that they become hot under the ice cold water. And so with every part of the body; let it go, let it be, and stimulate yourself. And this stimulation may look to you like a fanatic, painful attitude, but that’s what it is all about. Some people do deep muscle massage, some people go to spas, and others do this or that. There are one million methods and nothing even comes close to this one. If possible do this for 1-2 minutes. Any organism improves and strengthens its adaptive capacities if it has been exposed to a powerful stress (intensity), of short duration, in a repeated way and adapted to its constitution and its capacities of the moment. This is called hormesis. As a result, the body will improve and strengthen with a beneficial and holistic impact on the body as a whole, both physically, mentally and emotionally. To start, you can, at the end of your shower, reduce the temperature of the water day after day and increase the time of exposure to the cold. Everywhere on the body starting with the lower limbs and ending with the upper body. Importance of “controlling” your breathing with deep inspirations and expirations in order to relax and not stiffen up so as not to “constrict” even if the cold seizes you. Breathe deeply and calmly. If you are a vegetarian, no need to use soap.

> Then massage the body with an aromatic oil.

I still do it under the shower while being wet, briefly shower it off. It leaves the body nice silky and I dry it off. (it is advised not to let it too long on the skin as it obstructs he pores - but I like it).


No need to go around asking for "kundalini" oil 🤭 you can use any oil really. The idea is to moisturize the epiderme but also to lubricate the joints.

STEP 1) Be mindful of the kind of skin you have (thicker, thinner, oily, dry)

Some skins don't really accept oil. if you have a dry skin tendency than you can go for the heavier (olive, sesame, jojoba,...)

You can also choose the oil according to your AYURVEDIC DOSHA profile.

> Kapha "Earth + Water " people (heavy bodies, large bones, slower people) will have a more oily skin : so no oil or a very thin one (Choose a light neutral oil for a carrier such as flaxseed, sunflower)

> Vatta "Air + Ether" people have a tendency to drier skin. The qualities of vata dosha are cold, dry, rough, mobile or changing and irregular. To balance this, choose oils that are earthy or grounding, warming, calming and sweet

> Pitta "Fire + Water" people have a mixed skin greasy tendency. As they are more fiery people, Use a cooling or neutral oil such as olive, sunflower, coconut, castor, or ghee (clarified butter)

STEP 2) My all time favourite is Coconut oil.

You can simply use the cooking one (that becomes solid in the winter. Just take a table spoon of it and rub it in your hands, it will liquify with heat). Coconut oil can hydrate the skin and help it retain moisture. It may also help reduce inflammation, promote wound healing, and have antibacterial properties. Researchers are even looking at coconut oil as a possible topical treatment for chronic skin inflammation. It's excellent for skull massage, thicker hair and growth.

In India we have a green oil that contains 18 herbs (i use that one for now) from Dabur I think.

Mustard Oil is also good to massage the sole of the feet once a week. Stimulates the whole immune system and many more benefits. (good for intake for men😉check google)

STEP 3) add essential oils in the morning body oil

Depending on the results I am looking for, I will add :

- eucalyptus (pine family) for immunity stimulation

- jasmin, ylang ylang, orange flower, lavender for relaxation

- sandalwood for self connection, very sensual smell

- ceddar (of Himalya or of Atlas) for mental clarity

- any citrus family essential oil will be good for refreshing muscles and good mood

I hope this helps ! drop me a few lines if you have any questions or if you liked it !

listen to the audio (on SoundCloud) about Ishnaan.

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