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Top 5 tips to remain in high energy

Updated: May 2, 2022

Are you struggling with ups and downs ? Is it a challenge to Keep the vibration high ? A lof of People talk about that.

But what does it actually mean ? How do you know you are in a high energy or low energy ? Where does it come from ? and mostly : how to fix it ?

what are the symptoms ? How do we know we are up or down ?

Low energy :

  1. the quality of your thoughts is low (depressive or negative thoughts)

  2. Fatigue physique (less physical energy)

  3. Stress

  4. Confusion in mind

  5. Disease (alos known as dis-ease)

High energy :

  1. Good stamina

  2. Positive thoughts

  3. Dynamic attitude

  4. Body & Mind Alignement

  5. Clarity of thoughts

Where does this come from ?

  1. Bio chemical reasons (life hygiène, food habits, ...)

  2. Psychicological reasons : repetitive patterns, distractor implants, childhood wounds, etc

  3. Énergetical reasons : place, a person, can impact your level of energy

  4. Esoterical reasons : movement of planets 🪐 Schumann resonance, warth frequency Variations

  5. other reasons?

What are our tools ?

Quick fixes :

  • Water : inform and energize water with hands. Water is conducive of energy. Check Masaru Emoto for more info. Give yourself energized water ! Take a bath or a shower !

  • Music / chant : choose very high crystaline music. Classical (vivaldi, mozart or Bach) they have an effect on the molecules (again see Emoto) and will lift your energy. Change the polarity. Or Crystals, bowls, flûte, handpan, harp,…

  • Movement : cardio if possible. Dance, workout or Yoga. Kundalini yoga is perfect of course.

  • Nature: walk in forest. Radical. most effective treatment. Breath more Oxygen, expand lungs. pranayama (breathing) exercise.

  • Laugh : call a friend, step out of drama, make fun of yourself . or record yourself , speak out loud for 40minutes without stopping (recalibration technique)

Long term fixes

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