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Best exercice to recharge in 15 minutes

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Don’t you have a feeling sometimes that the Day flies as we work work work work. We end up keeping all our daily miseries to ourselves, putting it all in (our bodies).

Most of us tend to spend too much time alone. and we don’t really have enough heart to heart conversations.

Men have that more than women I agree.

But as an intuitive massage therapist I see some people with emotional blocages, piled up in their chests and/ or in their bellies.

what to do ?

The massage will help a bit.. but soon after the moment of paradise / escape.. the miseries come back and you end up not really letting go on the long run.

As short therapies are en vogue nowadays, so are self help techniques. Over with long traditional psychoanalysis (some people will squeeze their mulabhanda for this ! But hey I belive in immediateness, in quantum of life. We are one second away from the best version of ourselves !)

Anyhow - While you could start a Kundalini Psycho Corporal therapy, made of tailored exercises for all types of dis-eases, the little exercise I give here has helped me (& others) a lot.

It is called “cleaning the mental trash“ exercise (or recalibration)

How do you do this ?

Speak out loud during 40min (if possible) as if talking to a best friend about everything that’s on your mind. Say everything that’s there on your chest, on your heart, in your head. Litteraly empty it.

Put on a timer and dont stop until you reach the 40 min.

I use the recorder on my smartphone. Younger, I used to film myself and try to analyse my body language.

Today I know all of that is not necessary.

For Yogi Bhajan, emptying the mental trash is step 1 (and even goal 1) of meditation. According to yogic science, we all wake up with a negative mind. And its not until we empty the trash that we reach the neutral mind (See article on the 10 bodies) and can have positive thoughts again.

Best time to do it

- you can do this while driving

- before going to sleep

- when you wake up in the morning

(it can be the first 15min on your yoga mat)

- or litterally everytime you feel bad, bloated (believe me it’s linked!), or really tired.

bye bye ahrinks and expensive therapies when you can just empty the trash and come back to reason on your own.

and then... ?

another really nice exercise after that is to DREAM IT 💭

start talking aloud about your next big thing. You want to travel the world, or buy a nice hous, or meet someone, or change jobs, launch your own business..

dream it 💭

talk about it as if it was done alread, as if you’ve been ther, done that.

> explain how you felt in tour body

> where you were precisely

> the more details the better

> colors smells people emotions

> but remember talk about it in the past tense...

If you are with a friend ask them to ask questions, make it more real !

I promise

You will sleep like a baby ....

Oh ! and by the way

We’re starting a “manifesting circle“ every New MoOn from 01/02/2022 (deom 8-10pm on zoom) where we do exactly that : empty the trash, dream, and then practice some appropriate Krya for the New mOon ! Check it out ! Super cool to do in a group (and effective too.. they say if you do it for 90 days you actually MANIFEST your dreams... and I’ve seen it hapoen after only once 😇)

Sat Nam my love

how much more fun can we have together ?

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