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How Yoga brings you back home

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Yoga was always part of my life. I was born to an Indian-German family with a father that would practice Meditation, pray to Lord Ganesha every morning and (later) do his Yoga before breakfast. I always wanted to be a yogi, leave Society and live in a Cave, serve in an Ashram somewhere by the Ganges. All my indian childhood Comics were about great Saints, Gods and Goddesses ("Amar chittra katha"), about their spiritual inclination since childhood. My parents constantly took us to meet Sadhus and Gurus, Kumbhu Melas and other holi activities in India and in Europe too.

When I was 18, I once asked my dad if I could leave. I had learned enough, and felt I did not need to know more of wordly matters. He refused categorically. As a hindu, we need to go through stages, and my next stages were studies and founding a family. So I studied yoga in the context of my Masters in Anthropology. BhimolanandaJi, my first master, a very refined and handsomely fit yogi of 91 years, introduced me to his Art of Yoga. He taught me his technique and asked me to spread it to the world. It was an interesting mix of breath (or rather apnea) and Asanas he had developed in one of his many pilgrimages to his cave in the Himalayas. But it is not until 2019, when my then husband and I decided to get a divorce that I actually dove completely into it.

End of March 2019, a group of women decided to host a Spiritual retreat in our Guest House in Morocco. I feel blessed. This retreat has been life changing for me. It reconnected me with my need to dive into the divine, to chant and to practice with a Sangha (group of like minded people, from the same community). I had done that so much in my childhood and found out I missed it ! Yoga (which literally means "connection, link or path") walked me through the divorce and the pain. It gave me a secure ground to relax upon when I was broken. It softened the harder days of sorrow and grief. Yoga became the answer to my every day questions. Those were the moments I wouldn’t think, those were the moments I would breathe deeper, those were the moments my soul would reconnect to the Divine. I learned tons of new concepts : Neutral Mind, the 10 bodies, the discipline, the Amrit hours (the nectar between 3.30 - 5.30 am), the cold showers, the discipline, etc. I then decided to go for teacher training. I guess it was a call. That's where I met my Soul family : the RaMa Institute, Guru Jagat, Harijiwan and Tej. I went through an intense training, and came back with strong motivation : I am a Teacher. I am a Kundalini Yoga Teacher !

Today, after only two years - it feels like a lifetime - I can say I am part of the Kundalini family. I have built my own kundalini community and I enjoy to spread this technique that has helped already so many to come back on the path of alignment.

Back in the days, Yogi Bhajan had developed this technology to help Americans that were dealing with addictions: addictions to drugs, addictions to sex, addictions to work, all sorts of addictions. If you think about it : love sex relationships, these are all addictions in a way, distractor implants, as much as blame shame anger fury etc. Kundalini yoga is a way to step out of those distractor implants and bring you back to neutral mind. A place of mental sobriety, mental clarity, awareness, self-consciousness, physical fitness stamina, stability, spiritual guidance, etc. This is a path of joy peace bliss !

As they say Kundalini is a 3H Therapy "HAPPY - HOLI - HEALTHY". Of course it requires some commitment, some discipline, some work out. But how else would you reach such enormous steps and such beauty? How do Olympic sports people reach their goals ? well it takes commitment, it takes routine, it takes daily choices that are made to reach their goals. To reach those goals they also need a coach to guide them on that path. As I found out, a coach (or a Guru) is not someone that is realised (or a big sportsman) and is enlightened or something. Gu-ru literally means "who shades light on the darkness or the shadow". A coach (or a gu-ru) is merely someone that has the dedication and commitment to help you reach your goals, someone that will stand by you in the midst of difficult times. In the beginning you will need him as a physical person next to you. Someone who will show you the Way for a couple of weeks or months. But know that at a certain point in time you will internalise him/her.

At some point, your practice will become your coach, your practice will became your guide, your practice will bring you all you need. The only thing You need to do is : dive and commit to the goal.

Find out about my mentorship program it includes a daily commitment, weekly collective online Sadhanas, monthly gatherings, regular supervisions. There is a Support Group where you can share your questions your challenges. This is a bundle package that will help you in a short time to reconnect to your own inner guide.


I am my Truth

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