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Coaching Programs


My Mission

to give you the most effective coaching & self development tools. My clients navigate with greater peace, stability, joy and grace through the chaotic energies of TRANSITION that we all live (individually and collectively).

 I accompany people from transition to expansion 

My Plan

I usually work on a tailored Program basis that include coaching sessions, a spiritual practice (that is also a very cool workout !), breath work and coaching techniques. 


Why me ?

I am a Certified Coach (Coaching Ways), trained in Access Bars™ & Quantum Philosophy (Access Consciousness™), Archetypal Astrology (StarSystem, Belgium) with tools from the Rama Business School (NYC, USA).

 Read the Testimonials below 

"You allowed me to initiate many changes in my life and take a couple of decisions that helped me to move forward and develop myself (meet a woman I love, fulfil the dream of my life). 

I thank you and thank life for meeting you."

Work with me if you are ready


to get to the next level of your life

to embody your life mission

to get the help of an experienced guide

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