In these moving times of ups and downs, new information is being revealed as days go by. Our bodies need to adjust to the information, and the new frequencies. Recalibration Sessions are moments we take for ourselves in order to do so. It is an invitation to dive deep. We start with a moment of connection, dive into deep meditation then after a nice warm cup of tea we might go for a Tarot reading or a Mindmap. I also use Constellation & Astrology as tools to understand and find some keys to what you are going through.
Usually we dont have massage in the first session, but after the second session. This can be  a gentle head massage, a Bars session or a full body massage.

A period of 3H of resting, nesting and being pampered in a warm cosy place. Heal our wounds, restore our energies with the soothing touch, warm cup of tea, Tarot Card Reading, Access Consciousness Bars, Massage, Astrology.

Price : 210€

Place : Brussels, Uccle, chee d'Alsemberg, Au bord de l'eau.