Massage Eveil is linked toTantra, the Sacred Science of Life in its whole, the first Ecological treaty of Holistic Life. It encompasses ancient knowledge Gemmology, Numerology, Mantra Singing, Astrology, Ayurveda, and all kinds of tools to live a harmonious life with our eco system.

It is a physical therapy where we use the sacred power of conscious touch, the one that opens all the chakras and has our bodies vibrate to the highest frequencies. Electro magnetic vibes are then released, and can awaken the Kundalini, making the divine juice run through all our cells. Awakening to our full physical potential. 

Time : 90 min

Price : 140 €

Place : Brussels, Uccle or Rhodes

The session is given in a heated room (22°/25°C) for your best comfort

  • Please shower before arrival
  • Avoid alcohol before the session, and eat light 

  • This is not a sexual service, it is ment to awaken your senses and bring up the highest frequencies of bliss into your body by a conscious touch and loving presence.