Kundalini Therapy Benefits

Kundalini Yoga is an ancestral science combining the power of



getting to know your body and toning it through specific movements, during a longer period. You will transform the shape of you.



helps you focus and get more clarity on your life and projects. In order to live a balanced life you need to learn to empty the trash of your mind.



music is the back bone of this ancestral technology. It takes you to a place within that strengthens your focus and deepens your transcendantal experience.


You are stressed, but you don’t have the time or energy to join a traditional yoga studio.

You lack energy and drive

 You wish for more clarity of mind 

You lack a deeper meaning to your life

You want to recover control over your own body

You want to quit bad habits

Our Program benefits


Best Review


"Kundalini Therapy changed my life" 

"Repeating simple moves, simple breathing techniques, listening to specific music during training, we reach a new place within ourselves. Our bodies change, we feel more stamina, joy and deeper meaning to our life. It helps us access more of our consciousness while offering a powerful physical work out. To me this is the best integral body & mind therapy there is. This is truly the medicine of tomorrow !"

Anastasia, 38


An incredible journey guided with a lot of wisdom, I can share with you that thanks to the 40 days program of Kundalini Yoga with Savitri I stopped having food compensations and I stopped smoking. What amazed me was the simplicity of the proposals that are completely achievable on a daily basis, not only do I feel good about myself now, I even rediscovered the link with my homeland after 20 years. This practice has been of great power and accuracy for me, it is timely to continue to focus on my current and future projects. 

Sabrina, Italy

best results


More Joy


More Physical Stamina


More clarity of mind, improved decision making


More Peace of Mind 


Better Sex Life


More Grounding

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