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How is Kundalini Yoga helpful for addiction problems ?


When Yogi Bhajan introduced yoga to the USA at the time, the majority of those interested were drug addicts, a generation Late 70s.

It was then that the Kundalini took its essort by the success rate.

Hundreds of young people have escaped the clutches of heroin, cocaine and marijuana thanks to this revolutionary technique.

Of course there were the other yoga practices: Ashtanga and Hatha mainly at the time - Vinyasa and Yin coming much later and all of them are complementary.

But Kundalini is known as a part of Transpersonal Psychology and works on deeper levels of trauma and healing. It still does miracles today.

I myself got out of a painful divorce and mostly emotional dependence thanks to this technique. During the 90s

I had already known the technique of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo the Japanese Buddhism of Nishiren Daishonin which was miraculous too - but the sectarian aspect was more pronounced there - you had to go to many meetings and it did not seem as free and progressive as this yoga here.

With kundalini Yoga we learn to use our breath, to rebalance our vital energy (Prana) to reinject it into the system (the Nadis) ~ we learn to boost the immune and glandular system, but beyond all that, this practice allows us to regain control of our lives.

The online programs

I had the opportunity for 3 years now to help dozens of practitioners to get to a new version Of themselves. Releasing trauma, addictions and low level energies such as anxiety attacks or mental fatigue. The programmes are also great for insomnia and emotional balance.

In my Mastership Programm I offer thematic but also tailor-made plans, just for you. We use different tools to assess your needs (astrology, deep meditation, breath work) and create a plan that will walk you step by step towards the highest version of yourself.

In the 21 days & 40 days Programms, you will experience the power of the collective support (the Sangha) on your path. This is a one routine Programm that we keep for 21 or 40 days as well as minor assignments such as journaling, and group sharing moments.

If you feel you need a big change in your life, you have the choice : get in touch for an Individual Assessment, get on board for the next 21 or 40 days - or book a recalibration session. Everything is online for your best comfort.

Looking forward to share this beautiful path with you



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