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Update your daily mantra ! Here comes Jupiter in Aries 🚀

Updated: Feb 7

#ASTROLOGY Vibe of the day, of the season

Can you feel this energy fueling your body and pushing you that extra mile, that extra hour ? That's the Arian fire man 🔥 we've preparing for this, now it's there ! And on top Of It, Saturn (the break) left Aquarius last week,

freee again 💯 Aries loves to laugh loudly, to fight loudly, to work hard, to party hard - so expect some hot times ahead !

Mars is still in Gemini ♊️ so you might experience the urges to network, mingle and have fun 🤩 because he'll be entering the Cancer (protection) ♋️ mode soon

Being in the third week of my 40 days challenge in Kundalini yoga I slowly get to see the benefits of my practice (yet again), although it started the lame way.

I couldn't see why I was getting to the matt everyday but I kept going.

Now in the third week I see the immense depth of my practice. I see the residues of my attachments and of my ego trapping me into the past - stuck emotions that do not belong to me. I could literally list them this morning !

Everything makes sense and is coming to closure for our highest good and contribution to life.


Today I choose to live in the frequencies of Love, Abundance & Faith

I live my life freely ✨

I see the attachments of my Ego 🫣 and I detach them as they arise. I am helped in this task.

I have the courage to change what is possible and the wisdom to let go and allow of what i cannot change.

I am free ✨from jugdment from fear from scarcity from Pain from loneliness

I am part of the divine creation and therefor i live joyfully as a part of it 🎉

i am fully as is expected from me

I am not my body

My body is my divine vehicle and i take care of all its needs in a healthy way.

I dont scare it and make sure it always gets what it needs: security, love & affection

My SOUL is the captain of my ship and I make sure to communicate with my soul everyday (through meditation asanas breathwork dance & forest walks).

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